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Upcycling your
body energy

A new age innovation that encourages you to be active by turning your excess energy into power, to activate the health sensors and provide you valuable information about your physical and mental health.

Net-zero energy system with BMotion™ Technology

When you are active, you are not just energizing your body and mind, you are also energizing BHeart. The more active you are, the more data you get.

Integrate into your
daily life

BHeart seamlessly unifies fashion, lifestyle, taste and new-age tech that amplifies your character. People live their life as usual and BHeart is there to provide autonomous health recommendations.

BHearis Unique. Here is Why

World's first health companion with endless battery

BMotion™ Patent pending technology for energy harvesting

Smart Invisible Tech
Sleek Design

Eco-design compatible with standard watches

Solar sensitive material

Body energy transformer





Multiple health sensors

  1. Multiple health sensors

  2. Body energy transformer

  3. Solar sensitive material

  4. Eco-design compatible with standard watches

The more energy you generate by being active

The more body heat gets generated to produce sustainable energy for BHeart

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How Does BHeart Work

Wear it

Use BHeart as bracelet or attached to your watch

Get your health Index

BHeart app translates data into health insight and recommendations

Get more Energy

Follow the recommendations of the app to keep the energy of both you and your BHeart at the optimal level

App experience

BHeart tracks the energy you harvest for yourself and for the device. Our unique 'Body Energy' unit provides you insight about your overall health. We work with healthcare professionals to provide you personalized recommendations based on your health indexes.

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We transform the energy generated from users' activities to power our smart bracelet for preventive health care

Introducing BHeart

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Boost your energy
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for your health
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